2018 To-Do List


Once again, I am making a to-do list instead of the usual New Year’s Resolutions. I tried this out last year and found it works much better with my brain. I’m all about lists at work, while writing, and at home. It’s how I get things done!

  1. Read. A lot.

I joined the Goodreads Reading Challenge with a goal of 40 books. so far, I’m on track, having read 3 books already.

2. Write and Submit

I have several projects in the works, including poetry chapbooks and a sequel to my YA novel.

There is also the continuing journey of submitting to literary agents, contests, and other outlets. There’s got to be a yes out there somewhere!

3. Travel.

I put this item on my to-do list last year, but I didn’t get to go as far as I intended. Life got in the way and that is okay. This year, however, there are already adventures brewing.

In the spring I’m likely heading back to Portland, Oregon. I have some trails to run, cold to feel, and rain to experience. There are coffee shops, waterfalls, and funky places I just have to see!

The summer has me heading out to Milan, Italy for a multi-faceted journey that includes site seeing and fangirling. Stay tuned for details and pictures!

4. Look for open doors and step through them.

Recent professional developments have put me in a position where opportunities will arise. Achieving National Board Certification gives me a little more freedom to go where I want to go and perhaps consider what else I can do in the field of education.

I need to keep my eyes open grab onto the opportunities that fit me the best. It’s going to be a year of decisions, growth, and moving forward.

5. Give.

I’m hoping to continue a practice I started last year that involves creating handmade items for charity. It started as an after school program I run for students, which is still running. Last semester, the group’s donations included handmade blankets, hats, scarves, and greeting cards for three different charities. My students continue to learn new crafts and the group continues to grow.

This year, I’m hoping to extend the idea of craftivism on a personal level. While my school program continues, I want to actively work at home on projects for charities that matter to me the most, (mainly animal shelters).

– – –

What’s on your to-do list?

– – –

c.b.w. 2018


10 thoughts on “2018 To-Do List

  1. Rita Ackerman

    Great list. You accomplished so much last year and I look forward to see where your list takes you this year. My list is pretty much set around getting our house redone. Thank you for sharing.


    • We’ll see! I’m already feeling a little lighter this year – as if a lot of the baggage I’ve been carrying around is finally gone. I’m hoping it’ll last and will make me more aware of new open doors. 🙂

      Redoing the house sounds fun! You’ll have to share your progress!


  2. I can’t wait to watch your adventures in Milan! That will be incredible! And I can’t wait to hear about the new opportunities that you find along the way too. It sounds like you have an exciting year ahead! 🙂

    Learning how to balance the things I do now with motherhood is my big to-do this year. It’ll be a fun and challenging journey for sure.


    • I’m so excited for Milan! Going is the result of an unexpected opportunity that I’m so glad I had the courage to take. I’m looking forward to medieval architecture, the alps, good food, and major fangirling. 🙂

      I’m sure your new venture will be full of challenges, but also so much joy. Enjoy the journey!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Scott Whitney

    Great to-do list. I have also been working on getting things published, entering competitions, and my Goodreads reading challenge. I have not been brave enough to start my national board certification, but may start soon.

    This year’s freshmen have been keeping me hopping to leave much extra time for much, I think my challenge for this year is finishing one of my big writing projects or setting up a web page to share my writing.


    • Those all sound like good goals! 🙂

      If you ever decide to go for National Board, let me know. It’s always good to have a support system in place when embarking on that journey. It’s definitely worth pursuing, so consider looking into your district’s or local education group’s pre-candidacy classes. 🙂


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