the leaves are
still and silent
storm clouds descend


– – –

Photo: Arizona Sky, c.b.w. 2017

Words: haiku, c.b.w. 2018


Threads, Wattpad, & Thank You!


The launch of Threads has been an interesting and exciting experience. Many thanks to everyone who signed up on Wattpad and gave my little chapbook a read. The final poems of the collection will be posted today, so be sure to check them out!

In many respects, publishing on Wattpad was an experiment. I wanted to see how it works and whether I could reach a wider audience. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m still learning. Getting strangers to read your work is hard. Getting people you know to read your work is hard! Even when it’s free. Still, Wattpad is a platform that has a lot to offer once I figure out the lay of the land.

In terms of success or failure, I think Threads is a pretty good start. Considering I am a total unknown, I managed to get 100 views and rankings in several genres. Some of the ranks I’m most proud of include:

#27 in Haiku

#3 in Senryu

#178 in Contemporary

With this release, the only promotion I did was on my blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. I didn’t interact too much on Wattpad’s community, but that was on purpose. I wanted to see what would happen if I stood on the sidelines and explored the site quietly. Over the next week, I will be interacting more with writers and their works, while also participating in the community message boards. It’ll be interesting to compare stats in terms of ranks and readership.

Threads is still available for free on Wattpad. All you need is an account with Wattpad, which is also free! It’s easy to set up, works on any device, and gives you access to thousands of free eBooks. If you follow me, you’ll get notifications every time I update or post a new collection.

Click the cover below for direct access:

Thank you, readers for your support and encouragement. So much more is to come and I can’t wait to share it with you!


– – –

c.b.w. 2018