The Wattpad Decision


Over the last five years, I’ve written a novel, several poetry collections, and have multiple WIPs scattered across my hard drive. My muse is inspired and very active and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

However, the pile of rejections and changes in my day job have caused me to re-think my goals when it comes to writing. Do I want to be published in the traditional way? Sure, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for me.

I don’t say this because I have doubts in my ability to write. Nor do I question how much I love writing. My doubt lies more in playing the publishing game. It’s a tough industry and I find myself caught between hating to fail and knowing when I’ve hit my limit.

Over the last six months, I’ve been rejected more than I care to mention. It’s demoralizing to say the least, especially when I love the novel I’m pitching, (This has been the trend for not just the last six months, but the last 5 years). On the poetry front, it’s been a little more positive with good stats for my haiku blog and a strong showing in nation wide competition, but I’m still left wanting what every writer wants … readers.

During the same six months, my day job has taken off in ways I never expected. Achieving National Board Certification turned out to be a much bigger deal than I thought and it’s opened doors I didn’t even know existed. In the next school year, I’ll be taking on a new administrative role that comes with new responsibilities. I’m excited and passionate about doing more for my school and students.

When I sat down and put all these pieces together, I realized when I’m finding more success at the day job, the dream job has to change shape! I’ve looked into self publishing on various platforms, but the more research I did, the more I realized it just isn’t for me. The amount of time needed for things other than actually writing the book is far more than I have available!

Then, I discovered Wattpad. It’s a mix of social media and online publishing that allows writers and readers to interact. However, the appeal for me is the ability to publish a book that is accessible on any device with the Wattpad app. It reads like an eBook and allows readers to comment as they read. There are pros and cons like any other platform, but I like the wide audience (65 million members), the support features for writers, and the connections it has with the publishing industry.

I’ve decided to give Wattpad a try by starting with some small poetry collections. If I like the results, I may choose to go a little further. The endgame for me is to release my work out in the open and to have a wider readership. The social media aspect is also a selling point – I want more interaction with readers and the chance to interact with other writers beyond the blogosphere, (I love you all here, but it’s not as social!).

I’m pleased to announce my first collection is now available on Wattpad. Threads is a collection of contemporary haiku that explores subtle moments of nature and human existence. It’s a collection I originally created for the 2015 November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge, but have since edited and refined. It is currently published as an ongoing work, which means I will be adding new poems until the collection is complete.

All you need to read Threads is a Wattpad account. It’s free to join and works on just about every device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc). Click on the cover below and it will take you straight to Threads.

I’m so excited for this new venture, but I will also still be blogging! Stay tuned for poetry, photographs, and musings of a writer.


Happy reading!


– – –

c.b.w. 2018


20 thoughts on “The Wattpad Decision

    • So far, it’s going well. It’s a slow process, but I already have readers, which is pretty remarkable considering I’ve barely been there a week. Hopefully, we’ll see the numbers grow. It’s all a learning process and I’m having fun with it!


      • I understand you, when I first started on Wattpad. It was a new experience and I didn’t understand how it worked. A year later, I still don’t understand it fully but I have now readers, friends and a good sense of Wattpad.

        The main thing is to not give up. I see many poets who give up easily because of the small group of readers they have. So hold on and keep up the good work.

        Are you entering the Wattys this year?


      • I’ll have to look for you! Is your username the same? I was not expecting massive results as I know the poet community in general is pretty small, more so for haiku! I’m starting to connect with people and I like having a place to post complete collections – that’s something blogging hasn’t really allowed me to do. I entered Threads in the Wattys and I have another collection I plan on entering as soon as I get done designing the cover. 🙂


      • Good luck! 🙂 I hope you win, and it’s great to know your poem is doing well. And yes, my username is the same but I don’t post my poems on Wattpad since they are really personal.


  1. Wattpad was good, but there’s other writing platforms that are good as well. Such as Inkitt, Tablo(actually has features where you can easily publish on Amazon and iBooks or even hard cover books), and Ficfun. Wattpad was good but things are changing on wattpad.


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