cypress trees
warm in the sun
prayer wheels spin

– – –

Photo: Jingshan Park, Beijing, China, c.b.w. 2005

It’s rare to find a moment to yourself in Beijing. Pretty much everywhere you go there are throngs of people in every direction. So, when you do find that moment, it’s paradise. Cypress trees rustle overhead and the sweet smell of lilies are the only company, softly whispering to slow down and enjoy the solitude.

In places like this, the past is never far away with temples that have stood for centuries donning fresh red paint and yellow-tiled roofs. The stories are there waiting to be discovered or simply appreciated anonymously. This is why you take just one photograph and put the camera away. The rest belongs in a sacred place only your memory knows.

– – –

Yes, I’m continuing to dig through the archives.  It’s amazing how photographs I’ve taken and seen a million times (not to mention experienced) have captured my imagination once more. In many ways, I’m seeing places I’ve seen before with an entirely new perspective. Memories mean something more and continue to offer wisdom. The journey shall continue …

– – –

Words: c.b.w. 2019


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