A Heck Of A Challenge!


The November Poem A Day Challenge (Poetic Asides via Writers Digest) is off to a  strong start – so far I’ve managed to keep up despite some pretty tough prompts. This week’s Two-For-Tuesday was particularly challenging:

As a haiku poet I had one thing going for me in terms of writing in a particular form, but everything else about this prompt duo had my head spinning. Then, I spotted something on my bookshelf that made everything come into focus: a vintage volume of Shakespeare’s Love Poems and Sonnets that belonged to my grandmother.

Suddenly, it hit me: Combine the sonnet with haiku. I wrote a series of four contemporary 3-line haiku and one 2-line anti-haiku to create a grand total of 14 lines to reflect the traditional number of lines in a sonnet while also being about sonnets. In addition I pulled two lines from Shakespeare’s Sonnet V and reconfigured them into the haiku format in stanza 3.

I love it when a prompt inspires me to do something I never would have considered!

– – –


grandma’s books
unopened since she passed
left to me

she read Shakespeare’s
sonnets each night
her voice sounds …

‘never resting time
leads summer on
to hideous winter’

a pressed fern
marks her favorite
sonnet VIII

the oak leaf
saves mine


– – –

I hope your November is full of writing, whether its NaNoWriMo, the PAD Challenge, or anything else!

– – –

c.b.w. 2017







2014 Goals: October Status Report


1) Pitch The Muse.

I’m still working on final edits, but the good news is I’m down to the last three edits on my list. I have one description to tinker with and two issues with plot consistency to work out before I can call it a day on editing! All in all, I’m pretty happy with my progress considering a rather rough month at the day job.

I sent my new query letter to a beta reader and got some great feedback. After a few little changes, it’ll be ready to send off to my list of prospective agents.

2) Outline and start writing The Muse: Lineage

Time constraints this month left this goal wondering where I went. 😦

3) Submit writing.

I made the decision to participate in the 2014 November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge over on Poetic Asides (via Writer’s Digest). I had so much fun with last year, it only made sense to jump in again this year! To make it even more fun, I decided to add an extra element. Every poem I write for the PAD Challenge will be in the haiku format. This can get tricky because haikus are traditionally focused on nature. Not all the PAD prompts can easily be translated into nature, so I may have to get very creative!

4) Continue to build author platform.

Once again, I’m having too much fun on Facebook! Traffic continues to flow as do engagements with my posts. I even gained new followers this month!

Twitter continues to be a struggle, but I’m trying to get back into the conversation. Followers held relatively steady.

Facebook likes went from 374 to 378

Twitter followers went from 549 to 548

Thanks so much to everyone for clicking those follow and like buttons! Your support is greatly appreciated.

5) Inspire others.

As always, I hope I am a positive presence.

The invisible goal:

6) Be flexible.

Life has been a little crazy lately and it has admittedly caused some distraction. I haven’t been able to focus enough to work on some of my larger projects, but I still write every day. Perhaps that’s why haikus have been such an inspiration and comfort to me lately. Who knew 17 syllables could mean so much?


– – –

c.b.w. 2014