Paying it Forward . . . Blogs I Love


It’s been a while since I stopped to recognize some blogs I enjoy on a daily basis.  In the months since I last paid it forward, I’ve been lucky enough to find some fantastic bloggers who brighten my day with poetry, beautiful photographs, and thoughtful posts about the writing process.

Wendy L Young – I’ve mentioned this blog before, but never beyond a quick link.  Wendy is a talented writer with a great sense of humor.  Its been fascinating to follow her as she published her first novel, traveled through the maze of e-book publishing, and now with her most recent endeavor of a new novel.

Write Up My Life – This blog is one of my absolute favorites.  Julie Hedlund is a talented writer who loves to inspire other writers.  She offers fantastic links, observations, and tools of the trade that I find extremely helpful.  On top of that, she writes beautiful poetry and a weekly Sunday Gratitude List that always lifts my spirits.

1 Mere Mortal – This blog has some incredibly beautiful poetry.  New posts are frequent and consistently amazing.

Write Am I – This blogger is a writer to the core.  I look forward to her posts about the struggles and triumphs of an emerging writer.  She has a great sense of humor and determined soul I find very inspiring.  Furthermore, she recently got her first publishing credit with a brilliant short story.  Visit her site for the link!

Simple Relevance – This is a recent discovery and one I wish I found a long time ago.  Cindy Archer posts spectacular photographs, shares wonderful craft projects, and writes lovely posts about what truly matters in life.  Heartfelt and honest, her blog is a beautiful place to go each day.

c.b. 2011


Paying it Forward . . . Again!


After three full months in the blogosphere, I can’t help but be thankful for every reader that visits my blog.  At the same time, I am just as grateful to have found a wonderful community of bloggers that offer an immense amount of insight and inspiration.  Back in June I posted some of my favorite links, but the list has since grown.  It’s time to share a few more blogs that deserve the spotlight!

Random Acts of Writing [+art]

Stunning photography and art meet beautiful quotations with a dash of philosophical contemplation. Easily one of my favorite blogs because there is always so much inspiration not only for writing, but for life in general.

Moonlight Baker

I’m not much of a cook, but I love this blog!  Recently, she posted a recipe for Nutella Cheesecake Bars that was so easy to follow even I could make them.  They were absolutely divine and I suspect all of her recipes are just as delicious.  This site boasts highly original recipes for everything from breakfast to desert, making it well worth the visit to see what’s cooking!

Joss Burnel – The Crowing Crone

Count on Joss to highlight the simple pleasures of life with beautiful photographs of nature and thoughtful posts on the little things that matter most.  I look forward to new posts as they offer a nice bit of serenity when I need it most.

The Conscious Classroom

A wonderful site that offers interesting and unconventional tools for teachers.  This may be a bit of a shameless plug, but I do contribute to this site from time to time.  😉  If you are an educator or a parent looking for techniques and inspiration for engaging students in the act of learning, this is a good place to find some new ideas.

W. Chaser

The process of writing is never easy as real life, the inner critic, and frustration threaten to rob us of our creativity.  W. Chaser writes about these struggles and the little victories that make writing a truly rewarding craft.  The honesty and humor of this blog is what keeps me coming back for more.

Thinking of Rob

Everyone has a guilty pleasure and this is mine.  😀  In a previous post, I admitted that I am one of those Twilight people, (A Bookshelf of Organized Chaos). Well,  I am also a Robert Pattinson fan. Yup, I’ve seen every one of his movies and loved them!  Thinking of Rob is one of the best fan sites I’ve ever encountered in the mania that surrounds Twilight.  Not only do they post the best photos, fan art, and news, but they are very respectful of Rob as a person, (no tabloid stuff, negativity is not tolerated, and rumors are not proliferated).  They keep things very professional and I have so much respect for what they do and how they do it.  With Breaking Dawn: Part I hitting theaters in a few months, this is the site to keep bookmarked for all the latest news!

Happy Reading!

c.b. 2011

Paying it Forward . . .


Recently, a few bloggers have done me the honor of mentioning my blog and it felt so great, I can’t help but pay it forward. I’m still very new to the blogging arena and the learning curve remains huge, but I’ve met some wonderful writers and personalities along the way.  Every morning I sit down with these blogs and enjoy words of differing perspectives, inspiration, whimsy, and encouragement while I enjoy a cup of coffee.  So here they are in no particular order . . .

TBN Ranch – Everything you ever wanted to know about ranching, horses, and chicken farming.  The writer of this blog has also recently published a book of poetry called “Trail of Trials.”  Click on the link to find out more.

The Everyday Epic – Truly thoughtful posts on the art of writing, the struggles that come with it and the triumphs that make the process worth every step.  And it all comes from a very inspiring and uplifting individual.

Tattered Past – Inspiration for writing, crafts, and nostalgia for the good ol’ days.  Plus, she makes a little critter to help silence the inner critic.  Click to see wonderful scrapbook, art journal, and sewing projects.

Loving Arizona Living – Ever wonder why people brave 100 degree temperatures to live in Arizona?  This blog focuses on everything there is to love about Arizona from tourist landmarks to simple backyard tales.  The desert has a lot to offer and this blog helps you see the beauty of an often barren landscape.

Writer Waitress – Writers are all around us.  They are the cashier that scans your groceries and they are the waitress that serves your food.  This blog is warm, funny, and honest as it explores the life of a waitress who is also a writer, (a darn good writer, too).  What I enjoy most about this blog is how it makes me laugh with every post.

Wings of Wonder – A very inspiring artist posts illustrations and words that always lift my spirits.  Often portrays a very personal and relatable journey of an artist, no matter the medium.

Unbound – Often full of fantastic journal page creations and photography.  Another very invigorating blog full of color, vitality, and inspiration.

Journalization – The blogs that always inspire me the most are those that are incredibly honest.  Every post on this blog conveys a beautiful nugget of truth and most noticeably so on those that involve the Wish Jar.

christywrites – The poetry on this blog is what keeps me clicking every time I see there is a new entry.  The style is unique and the emotion is always very powerful.

Poetry by James R. Dean – Some of the best poetry I’ve read lately is on this blog.  Beautiful odes, ballads, and haikus that call back to a more traditional style of prose.

Lisa Bredmose – Another very honest blog about the inner journey of an artist.  Writing is more than just getting the words out, it’s also about believing in those words.

Roughwaterjohn – Amazing poetry that always has a unique rhythm and evokes wholly original imagery.

There are many more, which means I’ll have to pay it forward again in another post.  My thanks to those above for adding a little something special to each day.  Your thoughts and creativity are very much appreciated and enjoyed.

c.b. 2011