My Kind Of Christmas Eve


There’s only one more day until Christmas! Some of us are racing out to buy the perfect gift at the last minute, while others are wrapping or baking before time runs out. Whatever today brings, keep the spirit of the season close at hand to make even the longest to-do list a bit of fun.

One of my cats got in the spirit of things and gave me a little chuckle:

Photo by: c.b.w. 2012

As for me on this Christmas Eve, I plan on settling down with a good book in the morning and pulling out a set of knitting needles in the afternoon. By evening, I’ll be with my family enjoying Sloppy Joe’s only my mother can make and giving my Grandpa a hug to make up for the one he’ll be missing. As I’ve said many times over the last two weeks, with great sadness comes great joy. Even though there is an empty space, if I know my family at all, we will still celebrate with laughter and smiles. The holidays are a time to appreciate what we have and love those in our midst even if memories are all we have left.

Our Christmas Eve parties have never been about fancy dishes or dressing up, but rather coming as we are and nibbling on a potluck buffet. There’s a pickle to find and Christmas Bingo to win, rum and Cokes to drink, and little dogs dressed up in ridiculous costumes. A fun time is had by all.

Sometimes a gift or two is exchanged, but on the whole its all about being with one another. Christmas music plays until someone wants to watch a holiday movie, (usually Home Alone or Die Hard 1 or 2). Traditional we are not and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To make my Christmas Eve complete, here’s my letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I’m probably much too old to be writing you a letter, but as my Grandma always taught me, no one is ever too old to be a kid at heart. My life is full of more than I could ever need, so my wants are really quite small.

The people I love still surround me and I hope they continue to be happy, safe, and healthy. While my Grandma has since passed, I know she isn’t far away.  The memories I have of her are the greatest gift of all.

I continue to be blessed with a husband that gives me far more than I deserve. How I am so lucky, I will never know. Grant me the wisdom to know how to repay him for all his kindness and love.

My “boys” and “girls” are growing older, but I still look forward to their wagging tails and gentle purrs each and every day. May they continue to live happy, carefree lives.

My friends are few, but precious. May they all find peace in their challenges and may I always be there to give them hope and comfort when they need it the most.

My bookshelves are full, but I wouldn’t mind a little more space to magically appear.

The end of the world did not come, (shocker), so may the next year be one known for more good than bad.

Merry Christmas,


p.s. I know we’ve had several discussions regarding one Pink & Pretty Barbie. She wasn’t under my tree last year, so maybe this year? I’m still not too old for this Christmas wish to come true. Here’s a visual aid:

Pink & Pretty Barbie Photo source:

Pink & Pretty Barbie
Photo source:

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Merry Christmas!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


A Letter To Santa


Dear Santa,

I don’t want much this year.  Life is good.  I’m happy and my loved ones are safe and cared for.  Everything else is just icing on an otherwise very good cake.  Presents are fun on Christmas, but they are usually forgotten by the next Christmas.  Memories, however, tend to stick around a while longer.  Come Christmas Eve the best gifts I could receive would be laughter in my home from every member of my family and a moment that reminds me what I love about each person.  With life moving forward and constantly changing, who knows how many more Christmases we will have together before someone passes on or moves away.  The time we have is precious and does my heart good.  My wants are few, but here’s my list of Christmas wishes:

  • Mom, I’m waiting for you to feed one of my dogs when you think I’m not looking.
  • Sister, I’m hoping you find the Christmas pickle as you do every single year.
  • Dan, I’m curious of what pearl of wisdom you’ll dispense.
  • Husband, I’m anxious to hear you call Bingo numbers and cook an amazing dinner.
  • Grandpa, I can’t wait to sit you down in front of the TV with a good movie.
  • Grandma, you probably won’t remember, but I pray you will.
  • Dad and Sophie, I’m always thinking of you and hope one day you’ll be able to come to our party.
  • Jan and Jerry, you really don’t have to bring any food, (but you probably will anyway).
  • Mike, you seemed to have fun last year and I hope you do again.
  • Baxter, I’m sure your tail will “break” again from wagging too much.
  • Winston, I’m sorry for dressing you in a Santa suit, again.  You hate it, but you still do it for your mother.
  • Peanut and Bunny, we love you but cats do not belong at a party with Bingo balls and game pieces.
  • As for me, I hope I don’t eat all the fudge again.

Christmas Tree - 2011

May the evening be merry, the food delicious, and the memories unforgettable.


p.s. A Pink & Pretty Barbie would be nice, too.  I know you wish I’d grow up and let her go, but she’s the one that got away.  I’m still waiting . . .

– – –

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers. May the joy of the season find its way to all of you.

c.b. 2011