christmas lights twinkle
glass snowflakes
sparkle and shine



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May your holiday be filled with family, friends, and love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ❤

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c.b.w. 2016


Favorite Thing Friday: Pink & Pretty Barbie


It all started 33 years ago, when I asked (well, actually begged) for a Pink & Pretty Barbie. I was three years old and knew exactly what I wanted. My mother had no way of knowing I was not your average fickle little girl. I held true to my heart’s desire and every year around Christmas my desire for a Pink & Pretty Barbie never waned.

My undying Christmas wish has even been documented on this blog on multiple occasions, (here, here,  and here). Never mind that I’m in my mid-thirties and don’t really play with Barbie dolls anymore. I do, however, collect Barbie dolls, (see The Barbie Shelf) and my collection will never be complete without one Pink & Pretty Barbie.

As the years (and years and years …) went by I never gave up hope, even though the situation was looking bleak. Over the last few years, the collector’s market has heavily favored play dolls from the 80s. Dolls like Crystal Barbie and Peaches n’ Cream Barbie started to soar in price as collectors sought to regain childhood memories.

Pink & Pretty Barbie fell into the same ranks sending her price through the roof, especially if she was still in her box. She was going for as much as $250. Yikes! I would’ve seriously been mad if my mother or anyone else spent that kind of money on a gift for me.

Still, I kept wishing. I had to believe that one day Pink & Pretty Barbie would find her way to me. Somewhere out there she was sitting on a shelf or inside the closet of a person who no longer wanted her.  I should mention that this amount of wishing over such a long time takes an extreme amount of faith and persistence.

This year, a Christmas present wrapped in pink and white polka dots had my name on it. I wanted it to be her so much, but I was too afraid to dare to believe that Pink & Pretty Barbie could really be inside that polka dot box. I ripped open the paper and found ….



My Pink & Pretty Barbie!


I’m pretty sure I squealed, jumped up and down, and hugged her. Then, I hugged my mother, who quite possibly gave me the most perfect Christmas gift ever. Aside from the doll itself, the fact that it came from my mother makes it all the more meaningful. She never forgot and had been looking for this doll for as long as I’ve been wishing for her.

My Pink & Pretty Barbie is pretty amazing. She’s never been removed from her box. The wire twist-ties and plastic fasteners are still factory mint. The box has one dent and one tear, but is still in pretty great shape – the plastic front is still crystal clear (no yellowing), and the top and bottom flaps stay closed. Not bad for a 33 year old box! However, the best part of the box is that fact that it has an original price sticker of $10.60.

I cleared out a space in my curio cabinet where Pink & Pretty Barbie can sit in the front. In many ways, it is surreal that she is sitting on my shelf. Sometimes I touch the box just to make sure she’s real and not just a figment of my imagination.

It’s funny how one little thing can mean so much. To most people, she is an old doll that isn’t even that pretty, but to me she is a reflection of my childhood and an incredibly special and thoughtful gift from a mother I love very much.

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c.b.w. 2014

A Christmas Giggle


As many of us celebrate the joy of Christmas, I thought I’d share (again) my favorite Simon’s Cat Christmas video. Thank goodness my feline furkids have never been this intrigued by the Christmas tree!


Happy Holidays to everyone! May you be surrounded by those you love most.

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c.b.w. 2014

Merry Knitty Christmas!


Another Christmas means another year of knitting gifts for family and friends. I made everything from socks to cowls to kitchen towels, which made for an interesting few months of knitting that never left me bored.

If you’re on my Christmas list, don’t scroll down any further unless you want Santa to bring you coal.

I’m serious, Santa is watching you.






I love working with cotton yarn, so for two people on my list I made cotton dishcloth and kitchen towel sets.

Tile Stitch Kitchen Towel (improvised pattern)

100_4718 Paired with Waffle Stitch Dishcloths


Triangles Kitchen Towel


Paired with Stacked Barrels and Simple Weave Dishcloths



For a friend who doesn’t love a good kitchen towel, I made her a set of spa cloths in her favorite colors. I paired them with a bar of lavender soap for the ultimate spa experience.

Baby Fern Stitch and Basic Diamonds Spa Cloths



Friends and family that received hats last year, got cowls to match their hats. The Leaving Cowls were made using leftover hat yarn, while the Present Cowl was made to look like jeans (something I know my friend would like and it matches her hat without being too matchy matchy).

Leaving Cowls



Present Cowl


While visiting family over the summer, a little prodding revealed a family member likes to wear scarves. I had no idea what to get him for Christmas, so this piece of info came in very handy!

Men’s Cashmere Scarf (or wool!)


What would any knitting marathon be without pulling out my sock loom? For the ultimate Harry Potter fan, I made a pair of Gryffindor themed socks using a pattern called Hermione’s Day Socks. It was very tempting to keep them for myself!

Hermione’s Day Socks


Last year I tried and failed (more than once) to make a pair of fingerless gloves for someone who really wanted a pair. So, this year, I was determined to find the right pattern and learn how to make a thumbhole. The first pair was an epic fail, (they are now a ball of yarn), but the second pair came out perfectly.

Peaks Fingerless Mitts (from Sock Loom Projects by Isela Phelps)

100_4864The gift knitting continues as I work on a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting. I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s done.

Happy Holidays!

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c.b.w. 2014

Favorite Thing Friday: Simon’s Cat on Catnip


A new Simon’s Cat video is always great, but the annual Christmas Simon’s Cat video is better than great! This year’s video is easily among my favorite as it’s got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, we’re talking cuteness overload.

I have a cat that hugs her catnip mouse and makes those cute little half meows half purrs. ❤

Even if you’re not a cat person, there is something to be said for finding so much happiness in such a small package!

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What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2014