Poeticals III & Photography Challenge


I love it when two modes of creativity decide to merge! My muse has wandered between my Poeticals project and the Photography Challenge to create a strange mix of doodling, photography, and poetry.

Poeticals III – Words from the covers of mystery novels.

Dead shadows
phantom jewel
Stonecutter eyes
black, beautiful
Talking bones
sly delusion

– – –

Photography Challenge Prompt: Doodle something and document it. 

The sky pines as pine trees stand tall.
What makes blue cry and green so strong?

Pine tree doodle. Scribbled and photographed by c.b.w.

Note: The words above this sketch were inspired by a writing prompt that required playing with homophones. Through chance, I ended up with “pine” which also lead to the doodle for this shot.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


Wreck This Journal: Secret Code


Seeing as my last Wreck This Journal post was a little sad, I thought I’d share a much more lighthearted series of pages this time around.  How about a little game?

At one point in the journal, there is a page that gives directions to hide a secret message somewhere in the book.  There are, of, course, a million ways to approach this so I had to think about it for a little while.  Besides the method of secrecy, there was the message to consider.  I wanted it to mean something special to anyone who might take the time to figure it out.  Finally, it came to me in the shape of a firefly, (or at least my best rendition of one):

Follow the firefly!

My little firefly shows up on various pages throughout my journal and each leads the way towards the secret message.  The last one shows up towards the very end of the book and leaves the rest of the journey to the reader.  Can you figure it out?  Click on the images to blow them up to full size and give it a try!

Think you’ve solved the message?  Put it in the comments below!  Have fun and stay inspired!

What would be your secret code message?

– – –

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c.b. 2012

Wreck This Journal: Doodlebug


When Wreck This Journal instructed me doodle on the front pages, I panicked.  I am not much of a doodler, nor have I ever been.  Drawing does not come easily to me and I am, by nature, a planner. Even though my experiences with Wreck This Journal have launched me into the glorious realm of whimsy and nonsense, doodling without a prompt of some kind really threw me for a loop.  I had no idea what to do!

My journal sat open on the table for days without a doodle in sight.  It wasn’t until I thought of the single doodle I once created in my school notebooks that I finally found my inspiration.  The last time I made a “daisy chain” was probably my junior year in college, right before I found myself engulfed in the craziness that is student teaching.  To my surprise, stringing daisies together is just like riding a bike as I could still do it without thinking twice.

Once I finished the daisy chain, the rest fell naturally into place.  The “Warning” at the top of the page reminded me of the Red Alert siren in Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I colored it red and gave the order to raise shields.  After all, the rest of the page needed protection from the explosion of yellow and dark pink.  I added color around all the text and highlighted words and phrases that appealed to me. In addition, I doodled little pieces of writing in reaction to the text and my daisy chain.

At the very bottom, I wrote a phrase that continues to serve as my philosophical moment for this page: One day I’ll learn to live with crooked lines.  That day has yet to arrive, but I’m learning.

– – –

Update: I have to make a small adjustment to my post, January Status Report: 2012 Goals. For Goal #3, I noted I had written 3,654 words in my second novel, but after a very productive day of writing (on Jan 31st), the word count now stands at 4,412. Yay!

c.b. 2012