Scribble Diary: A Long Day


Scribble Diary, August 30, 2014

It’s been a while since I picked up my Scribble Diary, but I spotted it on my shelf a few nights ago and couldn’t help but scribble an entry.


I jumped into this entry after a long day of seemingly endless errands. That’s how a three day weekend goes sometimes! It was late at night, so I set the scale at the bottom of the page at “letting go” as I was in the process of letting the day go before heading up to bed.

The potion most needed now:

I spent most of the day worrying about one of my cats. She had a very pronounced limp and at her ripe old age of 14 this was very concerning. How nice it would be to have a potion to put an end to her limp and her pain. Thankfully, that awful limp was gone by the next day. Heeeey, maybe the potion worked!

If these walls could talk:

With my bookshelf in view, I could just hear it complaining about the rows of bookshelves bolted to it’s support beams. And I just keep bringing more books home. Poor wall.

Made a start today:

Every day off starts with a morning of knitting. I made some great headway on the reboot of the Box Pleat Scoopneck using my beautiful new yarn from Knit Picks. So far, I am so happy with the results.

For some reason, my old hobby of Barbie collecting has been rekindled. I spent some of the day reorganizing my display and reacquainting myself with some of the dolls I forgot I had. Some have spent so much time in the back, it was like we’d never met!

Brought this home with me:

What’s a day off without a trip to Target? I ran out of a bunch of random necessities all at once, only a few of which would fit in the little basket on this page. I went with including the easiest items to draw! Oh, and the cookies are long gone.

– – –

c.b.w. 2014


Poeticals IV + Haiku


My muse is again wandering through different mediums and rhythms. Thanks to new book titles on an end cap and a drawing in my sketchpad, poetry abounds.

PoeticaI IV: Inspired by a romance novel end cap.

Haven gone
edge devoured
Hours destined
addicted twice
Honest regret
shades surrender

– – –

Random Haiku: Inspired by a piece of “art.”

The breeze catches me
I float between sun and stone
and land on the ground

A little drawing I did with a black ink and crayons.

– – –

Stay inspired!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012

Wreck This Journal: Innovation


I smile every time I work on my Wreck This Journal pages because they always put me in a situation where I never imagined myself.  Or have me doing something I never thought myself capable of completing.  For instance, who would have thought a book lover would fling a book across the room? When we challenge ourselves to do the unexpected, we open ourselves up to a world where anything is possible.  This is where innovation lives, just waiting for us to break free and find it.

This week’s page was a golden ticket to innovation in that it asked me to do something so ridiculous I was wondering if there was a punch line hiding on the next page.  I had to find a way to wear my journal! The most obvious idea was to wear it as a hat, but I can’t balance a book on my head to save my life. My pockets weren’t big enough to hold the journal and I didn’t have any yarn handy to tie it to my foot as a shoe.  There was only one option left:


My hoodie saves the day!

I should preface this by mentioning, I have a “thing” for hoodies.  My closet is full of them, in almost every color, weight, fit/cut, and fabric.  As far as I’m concerned there’s a hoodie for every occasion, so I usually wear them every day.  A fashionista I am not, but I am a sucker for comfort. As luck would have it, I was wearing a zip up hoodie that had some room where I could tuck my journal. One quick yank of the zipper pull and my journal was secure and visible as part of my outfit.  I wore it for a good hour while I memorialized my hoodie accessory with a drawing on my journal page.

This very simple exercise had me considering options that were really quite nonsensical, but the point is it got me thinking about those possibilities in the first place. The ability to break out of what’s considered normal or expected is what allows for creativity.  As a writer, this skill is critical if I want to write original stories.  I can’t be afraid to try something weird or consider an option that makes no sense.  Even if an idea doesn’t work,  I still consider it a stepping stone to one that will.

– – –

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c.b. 2012