Hop and Seek


Hmmm . . . where are my little bunnies hiding?

– – –

There’s no bunny in here, but this looks yummy!

– – –

Oh! Look who I found!

– – –

No bunny in this one, but these are pretty.

– – –

There you are!

Pssst . . . who gets the chocolate?

– – –

“Hoppy” Easter!

May your Easter be full of joy and surprises.

– – –

Yeah, I’m a dork.  I had entirely too much fun making these little bunnies!

c.b. 2012


Programming Note


It’s no secret that I’ve been writing like a lunatic lately.  While I love posting something new every day, I am beginning to worry about burning out my muse.  Starting next week, I will be reverting to my previous blog schedule where new posts will show up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Occasional posts may show up on “off” days, but only if I find myself particularly inspired or have something on my mind.  Otherwise, I’ll be using the extra time to focus more energy on my 2012 goals, (my query letter deadline is looming ominously), read other fantastic blogs, (I don’t want to fall behind on this one!), and squeeze in my day job.

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There will be a post tomorrow, but instead of the usual Sunday in London, I’m planning on posting something cute for Easter.  Let’s just say I got a little creative with pompoms, pipe cleaners, and wiggly eyes!  Sundays in London will return next week with new musings and pictures.

Many, many thanks to all my readers and followers for your amazing support.  Every click, comment, and like inspires me to keep writing!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012