Enter At Will


Crowned by arches
lit by lamps
Choose wisely
more than once
Gilded handles
rusted knobs
Oiled hinges
sticky jambs
Ring the bell
tap the knocker
All will answer
seek no more
Walk on through
no key required

Gower Street, London, June, 2011, c.b.w.

– – –

c.b. 2012


Campaign Challenge #2: Fatespeak


The second challenge in Rachael Harrie’s Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign proved to be tough, but very stimulating.  This time around, my muse was asked to play with five prompts in as many as five different ways.  In addition, there were several options available to increase difficulty.

The Challenge:


The prompts are pretty random, which made the challenge of linking them totally irresistible.  I did my best to find a way to make them all come together with a single theme/story line. And because I like to push myself, I decided to take on all the extra elements to increase difficulty.  The hardest one being to write outside of my usual genre.  I went the fantasy route, because its something I like to read and I’ve been experimenting with it on a few WIPs.

– – –


Activity #1 – Pitch/Logline

The Fates meet their match in one small girl.

– – –

Activity #2 – 200 word flash fiction based on the prompts

Aria peered through the Oracle Eye and smiled at her victory.  Amanda and Ian were safe, hidden away from The Fates who had so cruelly decided they should die.   She was supposed to lead them to the moment of no return, but broke her oath instead.  Under Rosewood Bridge they would stay, until she found a way to spare their lives.

“You cannot save them.”

Aria jumped and spun towards the sound of her Elder’s voice. Mena’s deep violet eyes pooled with sympathy, but remained stern.

“Why not?” Aria asked, despite knowing the answer.

“Their fate has been written. Your interference has only delayed what will be.”

“It does not seem fair that beings with so much free will, should be so readily controlled.” Aria turned back to the Eye and watched Amanda bandage the gaping wound in Ian’s leg with what remained of his t-shirt.  “They have done nothing wrong and do not deserve this end. How can it be right?”

Mena gently squeezed Aria’s shoulders,  “She will drown and he must bleed,” the Elder replied. “Listen, my youngling.  As a Fatespeaker you must deliver what The Fates demand.”

“And if I refuse?”

“I cannot protect you.”

(199 words)

– – –

Activities #3 and 4 (Combined) – Poem with a twist/Five sentences using each of the prompts.

The Fates sing in unison . . .

Young love perishes too soon,
never to age, always joined

The orb shall fall as must innocence,
ignorance cannot reign

A delicate balance struggles to thrive
on the brink of collapse

The meek suffer with dirty hands,
to humble those who refuse to see

 Natural order binds our will;
a ribbon between us,
no one is truly free

– – –

Activity #5 – Flash Fiction about the water pear.

The Fates hovered in stasis overhead.  Hands joined, eyes closed, and oblivious to the small girl below.

Aria stood her ground with a wooden staff firmly in her hands.  One swing would destroy the only link between the human world and her own.  The Oracle Eye pulsed with warmth and light, just as it had for thousands of years.

“Show me Amanda and Ian” Aria whispered softly.

A dark-haired girl and a tall boy instantly materialized, both wounded and frightened.  In the back of a dark cave, they huddled together and shivered as their fire began to die. Once the link was broken, The Fates could no longer find them and they would be free.

She tightened her grip and arced the staff for a mighty swing . . .

“Stop!” Three voices cried.


“You have no right to disrupt what has always been,” The Fates seethed with rage.

“You have no right to take what is not yours.”   Aria said and unleashed her will with all her strength.

One blow was all it took.  The glowing orb erupted into pulverized glints of light, all of which faded to nothing upon hitting the ground.

(195 words)

– – –

If anyone is interested in offering a critique, I am very open to polite and constructive feedback.  I have pretty thick skin after spending last year on Critique Circle and I value honesty above all else. However, I will note this is my first foray into fantasy on a public level.  Any help is greatly appreciated and I’ll do my best to return the favor.

– – –

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the great entries to this challenge, here.  They are amazing!  If you liked my entry, please vote for me!  I am #90.

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c.b. 2012