A Letter To Santa


Dear Santa,

I don’t want much this year.  Life is good.  I’m happy and my loved ones are safe and cared for.  Everything else is just icing on an otherwise very good cake.  Presents are fun on Christmas, but they are usually forgotten by the next Christmas.  Memories, however, tend to stick around a while longer.  Come Christmas Eve the best gifts I could receive would be laughter in my home from every member of my family and a moment that reminds me what I love about each person.  With life moving forward and constantly changing, who knows how many more Christmases we will have together before someone passes on or moves away.  The time we have is precious and does my heart good.  My wants are few, but here’s my list of Christmas wishes:

  • Mom, I’m waiting for you to feed one of my dogs when you think I’m not looking.
  • Sister, I’m hoping you find the Christmas pickle as you do every single year.
  • Dan, I’m curious of what pearl of wisdom you’ll dispense.
  • Husband, I’m anxious to hear you call Bingo numbers and cook an amazing dinner.
  • Grandpa, I can’t wait to sit you down in front of the TV with a good movie.
  • Grandma, you probably won’t remember, but I pray you will.
  • Dad and Sophie, I’m always thinking of you and hope one day you’ll be able to come to our party.
  • Jan and Jerry, you really don’t have to bring any food, (but you probably will anyway).
  • Mike, you seemed to have fun last year and I hope you do again.
  • Baxter, I’m sure your tail will “break” again from wagging too much.
  • Winston, I’m sorry for dressing you in a Santa suit, again.  You hate it, but you still do it for your mother.
  • Peanut and Bunny, we love you but cats do not belong at a party with Bingo balls and game pieces.
  • As for me, I hope I don’t eat all the fudge again.

Christmas Tree - 2011

May the evening be merry, the food delicious, and the memories unforgettable.


p.s. A Pink & Pretty Barbie would be nice, too.  I know you wish I’d grow up and let her go, but she’s the one that got away.  I’m still waiting . . .

– – –

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers. May the joy of the season find its way to all of you.

c.b. 2011


Crafty Christmas Tags


While its easy enough to buy gift tags at just about any store, I enjoy making them by hand for a more personal touch on the presents I give.  After making Christmas cards, (see Christmas Cards Already!), I always have extra paper left over, so I put those scraps to good use by making gift tags.  They are a snap to create and super cute!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


  • Tag template
  • circle punch
  • standard hole puncher
  • Christmas paper scraps
  • ribbon
  • scissors/paper slicer
  • double-stick tape

Basic supplies for gift tags

I use a basic tag template to keep things nice and easy.  A triangle top is a quick cut and almost impossible to screw up, which is especially handy when making a large number.  Simply trace the pattern on any piece paper where it’ll fit and then cut them all out.  From there it’s all about decorating with remaining scraps.  My stack of Christmas paper had sheets that were divided into smaller designs, so I cut them out and stuck them on my tags with a little double-stick tape.

A quick hole punch at the top, clears the way for a ribbon tie.  Again, I usually use left-over ribbon from card-making or last year’s gifts (yes, I’m one of those people that saves ribbon, usable wrapping paper, and bags).  Before tying the ribbon, use a large circle punch to create a little “ornament” out of scrap paper.  Punch a little hole near the edge of the circle and thread it onto the ribbon.  Last, but not least, tie a knot to secure the ends.

This is a great project for when cookies are baking and there’s nothing to do but wait!

Happy Holidays!

c.b. 2011