a blushing sky
fall with me
into the abyss


– – –

Photo: Sunset, St. Pete’s Beach, Florida, c.b.w. 2018

Sunset is my favorite time to visit the beach. It’s quiet, the colors are spectacular, and the waves seem to slow down just a bit. The water curls around my ankles and the sand rolls between my toes, a gentle soothing reminder that it’s time to let the day go and embrace the stillness of stars and the moon. Little by little the light dims, turning the sky from blue to raven, while the water darkens into a peaceful abyss.

Words: c.b.w. 2019




water rushes
through this moment
with you


– – –

Photo: Pontresina Graubünden, Switzerland, c.b.w. 2018

My husband and I took a scenic train ride through the Italian and Swiss Alps this past summer. It was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve ever shared. As a couple, we often travel apart as we enjoy different activities, (but we always come together at the end of the day to excitedly talk about our experiences). However, in this rare instance we both wanted to hop on that train and have an adventure. We spent the day in absolute awe and it’s something I’m so glad we shared together in a single moment.

Words: haiku, c.b.w. 2019



shadows glide
the valley between
me and you

– – –

Photo: Ladies View, Ring of Kerry, Ireland, c.b.w. 2009

Words: senryu, c.b.w. 2018

I’ve likely posted this photograph previously, but I’m thinking of my grandmother and this is a place we enjoyed together. It seemed right to let it serve as my inspiration for today’s poem.



flipping channels
nothing is on
the dog waits
by the door
he doesn’t know
you won’t be home
two minute dinner
the microwave beeps
the dog still sits
he won’t listen to me
fading light
I lock the windows
and doors
it’s just me tonight
against the darkness
and moonlight
too much Dateline
my nerves shake
the dog gives up
and plops beside me
It’s not the same
without you here
I’ve grown used to
the sounds you make
how you fill my life
the dog whines
he must blame me
you’ll be back tomorrow
but he doesn’t know that


– – –

Words: timed free-verse (10 minutes), c.b.w. 2018