summer in paris
black and white
memories made


I’m feeling both nostalgic and excited for things to come. Sixteen years ago I spent a couple of days in Paris and only experienced a very small portion of the city. There were parts of it I loved and parts of it I was too young and distracted to appreciate. Next summer, I’ll be returning to Paris and I fully intend on taking my time to explore and experience all it has to offer. Between meeting up with friends, attending a fandom convention, and seeing the sites, this is shaping up to be one incredible adventure!

Photo: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, c.b.w. 2003

Words: haiku, c.b.w. 2003




silent bells
ravens take flight
the smoke billows

– – –

Photos: Notre Dame, Paris, c.b.w. 2003

These are the only photos I have of my visit to Notre Dame. That day, my camera broke and all I had was a disposable 35mm camera I bought at a little shop down the street, (this was before we all had phones w/ cameras!). While these aren’t the best photographs I’ve ever taken, I’m glad I have them. What I remember most of about this place is sheer sense of awe and overwhelming beauty that surrounded me when I walked through the doors. Between ceilings that reach for the sky, stunning stained-glass windows, and the thousands of stories echoing from the walls, it’s a place that is part of all of us. Regardless of your beliefs, Notre Dame is a reflection of human creativity, fortitude, strength, determination, and longevity. It’s a monument to the beauty humanity is capable of creating. The fire may have destroyed parts of the structure, but the spirit lives on.

Words: c.b.w. 2019



clear blue sky
a heavy mind
misses the clouds

– – –

Photo: The Thinker, Rodin Museum, Paris, France, c.b.w. 2003

Deep in thought, caught in the thrall of questions, answers, anxiety, and a million little details. The birds are singing, the sun shining, and a brilliant shade of blue hangs overhead. Yet, the endless circle of things to come and things undone makes the present something missed rather than embraced. Is it flawed design or perhaps something to be realized before it’s too late?

Words: senryu, c.b.w.2019



lost at 2 a.m.
a Paris stranger
holds my hand

my poor French
makes the waiter smile
and bring free wine

my last night
the tower shimmers
with Parisian light


– – –

Heartbroken for Paris. My memories of this beautiful city are full of warm and welcoming people. My thoughts are with all Parisians as they struggle through so much tragedy.

Image: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, c.b.w. 2003

Words: haiku, c.b.w. 2015

Part of the 2015 November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge (Poetic Asides via Writer’s Digest) for the November 13 Prompt: memory