Project Art Journal: Page 9


Part of the fun of collage is mixing and matching items of different genres.  Maps and keys, Europe and Asia, glitter and antique edges all come together as if they were always meant to be.  On this week’s Project Art Journal, its all about unifying random objects and allowing a quote to travel freely from one edge of the page to the other.

Quote by Rosalia de Castro


  • Printed card stock
  • brown card stock
  • postage stamps
  • fancy flower brads
  • tab paper clip
  • key charm
  • keyhole brad
  • acrylic stickers
  • card board “tile”
  • paper piercer
  • black and brown ink pads
  • scissors/paper slicer
  • double-stick tape
  • glue stick
  • glue dots
  • pencil
  • marker

Layer 1: Foundation

  • Measure and cut a square out of brown card stock that is slightly smaller than the paper bag journal page.

Layer 2: Background

  • Measure and cut a square out of printed card stock (script print if you’ve got it) that is slightly smaller than Layer 1.  Attach it to Layer 1 using double-stick tape.
  • Measure and cut a 2½” wide rectangle out of printed card stock (a map of some kind would work, too) that touches the edges (lower, upper, and right side) of Layer 2.
  • Crumple the paper until it feels “soft.”  Flatten and then lightly run a brown ink pad over the top so the wrinkles pick up the ink.  Tip: To really give those wrinkles some depth, use two different shades of brown ink.
  • Attach to the right hand side using double-stick tape.

Layer 3: Stamps

  • Choose three postage stamps, preferably international and colorful.  Attach in random places on the page using double-stick tape.  Its fun to let one or two wander towards the edge to give the page a snapshot feel.  Simply trim the ends that hang over the edge.

Layer 4: Quote Path

  • The trick with creating a “wandering path” is to cut without a plan.  Take a pair of scissors and just start cutting curves.  Attach the curve(s) to the page using double-stick tape.  Let the ends hang off the page if need be in order to find the right spot for the path.  Trim the ends when everything is secured with double-stick tape.
  • Pencil in the quote along the curves of the path.  This might take a few tries and a willingness to experiment with spacing and size of writing.  Keep an eraser handy!
  • Once the quote is just right, go over it with a marker.

Layer 5: Embellishments

  • Grab a piece of scrap paper and crumple it until it feels like wrinkled cloth.  Flatten it out and rub a black ink pad over the entire surface until it looks like old leather.  Attach the keyhole brad to the approximate center and secure the ends.
  • Cardboard tiles are sold in most craft stores, but they are also easy enough to make from a thick piece of cardboard.  The square should be about an inch, but any size will do.  Cover the top and bottom with glue from a glue stick, (really slather it on!).  Center the keyhole on the square and then wrap the edge of the paper around the tile, like you’re wrapping a gift.  Add extra glue where needed.  Decide where it will look nice on the page, but hold off on attaching.  Set it aside so the glue can dry.
  • Attach fancy flower brads where they look best.  Use a paper piercer to make a hole for the brad. Insert and secure the ends.
  • Attach acrylic stickers wherever they look nice.  Tip: Buttons are a nice alternative to acrylic stickers.
  • Attach key charm using glue dots.  Tip: The key can also be attached using wire or ribbon.
  • Attach tab paper clip to one part of the quote path.  It’s okay if it overlaps some of the writing! If the double-stick tape is difficult to lift, try slipping a small strip of strong card stock under the path to ease it loose.
  • The glue on the keyhole tile should be dry by now, so attach it using either double-stick tape or a glue dot.
  • Attach finished page to the paper bag journal page using plenty of double-stick tape.

Random objects have never been so beautiful!  Stay inspired!

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c.b. 2012