22 Moments of Gratitude


One of my favorite bloggers, Cindy Archer, recently posted a list of 22 Things about herself.  I found it so inspiring I decided to play with the idea.  With Thanksgiving approaching, I can’t help but list 22 things for which I am grateful.

  1. My family is filled with wonderful people who are always there when you need them.
  2. My husband is an amazing man and I’m truly lucky to be with him.
  3. Tuesday nights with my mother.
  4. Friday nights with my sister.
  5. My friends are few, but treasured.
  6. I have a job I love.
  7. I have time to write.
  8. My house is filled with the love of two dogs and two cats.  I don’t have children, so these are my babies.
  9. I don’t worry nearly as much as I did when I was younger.
  10. Every summer is an adventure in travel.
  11. There are always plenty of books to read.
  12. Music still moves my soul.
  13. Movies still stir my imagination.
  14. My muse sings on regular basis.
  15. There’s always chocolate in the pantry.
  16. I know the feeling of a rainy day in London.
  17. I can’t sleep, but I still know how to dream.
  18. My writer’s group is full of friends, inspiration, and encouragement.
  19. My blog connects me to readers and writers in a way I never expected.  Never have I been more motivated to write.
  20. Those moments of silence where I can breathe slowly and relish the feeling of being alive.
  21. Twinkling stars that never fade and trees that always sway.
  22. I’m happy.

For these things, I am truly thankful each and every day.

c.b. 2011