Project Art Journal: Page 10


This week’s Project Art Journal page revels in how travel changes us from the inside out. Adventure is everywhere and daring us to take part. Sometimes that means trying something new at home or venturing to places far beyond your imagination. Blues, blacks and greens turn ordinary travel book pages into something truly beautiful, while Thoreau’s quote is a stirring reminder to keep an open mind and a willing heart.

May you find adventure near and far.


  • Blue and ivory card stock
  • Printed paper (with text and stripes)
  • Pages from an old travel book
  • Postage stamps
  • Copper brads
  • Craf-T Chalk
  • Imagine charm
  • Coin
  • Brown ink pad
  • Paper piercer
  • ¼” square punch
  • Double-stick tape
  • glue dots
  • glue stick
  • Marker

Layer 1: Foundation

  • Measure and cut a square out of blue card stock that is slightly smaller than the paper bag journal page.

Layer 2: Blue Text Background

  • Tear a page out of an old travel guide.  Make sure it has plenty of text!  Use an eye shadow applicator to rub blue chalk all over the page.  To give it some texture, rub harder in some places to darken the color.
  • Measure and cut the page to a size slightly smaller than Layer 1.  Attach to Layer 1 with double-stick tape.

Layer 3: Secondary Background

  • Cut out a small square of text printed paper.  This section is attached at a slight angle, so be sure to measure and cut it to fit the corner of Layer 2 from that angle. Attach to Layer 2 using double-stick tape.
  • Try to find a map in an old travel book.  Rip it out and add some color using chalk, (if needed).  I used multiple shades of green because it compliments the blue and my map came from an Ireland tour book.
  • Cut out a section of the map to fit the lower edges of Layer 2.  The width should reach the halfway point on the page and the height should be slightly taller than the midpoint. Essentially, the big idea here is to make it a different size from everything else on the page so far!
  • Attach to Layer 2 with double-stick tape and make sure it overlaps the text print square.

Layer 4: Quote Blocks

  • On a piece of ivory card stock, write out the quote in several sections.  Break it up in a way that looks nice and adds emphasis to the elements of the quote you like the best.
  • Rip the quotes free from the card stock.  Don’t worry about straight edges!  Just go with the tear!
  • Crumple each piece and then run a brown ink pad over the top.   Make sure the torn edges are juiced up with ink as well!
  • Arrange the quote blocks along the left-hand side of the page.  Attach each block with a small piece of double-stick tape.  Let the edges stay free and fluff them up a bit to give them some character.

Layer 5: Embellishments

  • Decide where a copper brad should go on each quote block.  Then, use a paper piercer to poke a hole in the chosen spot.  Insert and secure copper brads.
  • Find two postage stamps that are the right size to fill up the space on the right-hand side of the page.  One of my stamps has the added bonus of still being attached to part of its envelope.  I decided the torn edges made it look more interesting, so I left it as is.  Attach the stamps using double stick tape.
  • Real or fake coins always add a nice touch to any collage.  Attach one of your choice using a glue dot.  Make sure it overlaps one feature on the page.
  • Place a charm near the top of the page and use a paper piercer to poke a hole though the attachment loop.  Insert a small brad and secure the ends to hold the charm in place.
  • Use a small square punch to cut three squares out of printed paper.  Attached each square next to the charm using small pieces of double-stick tape or a glue stick. Play with the pattern a little bit to make them stand out!
  • Attach the finished page to the paper bag journal page using plenty of double-stick tape.
Enjoy your beautiful page!  Stay inspired!

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c.b. 2012