Every morning up at five
stretching to punch through
the day and smile
even though it’s dark outside
I’ve been at this too long
trusting the path to turn
one way or the other
On it goes straight past
where I planted my seeds
Still waiting to sprout
trapped in dry sand
Degrees on my wall
fill up the space
giving me pride
for a job well done
But there’s still that
breath I hold inside
A parched throat
thirsty for rain

– – –

Words: Timed free-verse (10 minutes), c.b.w. 2018




grains of salt

touch the lightest laugh

darkness stirs

where sparks once flew

broken pieces glint

in a tired sun

lost moments

beg to breathe again

where a subtle glow

looks to start again

fighting the shadows

longing to feel

the way it did before

time has played

an unpredictable game

there is no going back

just forward

past the grains of salt

where tired light

gleams so bright



– – –

Words: free verse, c.b.w. 2017

(Timed writing: 10 minutes, no edits)