Under the Weather


heavy clouds
churn with thunder
cattails stand still

rain slicked streets
reflect the clouds
leaving town



– – –

Image: Madison Square by George Luks, c1920, Wikipedia

Words: haiku, c.b.w. 2016. In response to Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry Prompt #344: under the weather.




A new chapter of black out poetry begins! As I continue to explore this medium, I’m trying out different styles of obscuring text including line patterns and rubber stamping. In addition, I’m using new source material – a classic YA novel. I found A Separate Peace by John Knowles on the library discard shelf. It’s clearly seen better days and I think its about time this battered edition was reinvented into a beautiful collection of found art.



It’s been 115° for the last week, so I figured this was a good one to get Round 2 rolling.

– – –

Black Out Poetry: c.b.w. 2015
Source: A Separate Peace by John Knowles
Stamp: Sun With Face Soleil by Rubber Stampede

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Favorite Thing Friday: Fog


One day this week, I woke up to the oddest thing: Fog. I live in a desert, so the appearance of this thick white stuff really took me by surprise! Everything from shrubs, palm trees, and the sun were obscured in a haze that made my neighborhood look like a different planet.

I was so fascinated that the weather actually did something, I grabbed my camera and went on a little photography expedition through the mountain preserve across the street.

The fog was so thick, the mountain I normally see outside my window everyday was completely “gone.”


I swear there is usually a mountain in this view!

My running trail also fell under the spell of fog.


There’s usually a mountain in the distance, but not this time!

As I ventured further into the desert, the fog only got thicker. In some places, pockets of clear air sat inside thick walls of mist.


I literally could not see anything beyond what was in this shot!

Not even the sun could get through the blanket of fog!


It was another hour before the sun could finally poke through the fog.

I’m sure fog is a regular occurrence for many places, but it was a truly a remarkable event in Arizona. I love it when nature gives me a surprise, almost like an invitation to come outside and marvel in its wonder.

– – –

What’s your favorite thing this week?

– – –

c.b.w. 2015


Poem A Day Challenge: April 17-18


Are you tired of poetry, yet?  I hope not! The April Poem A Day Challenge is still going strong.

April 17, 2014
Prompt: Write a pop culture poem.

Just like Elena,
I cannot resist
Stefan’s heart of gold,
Damon’s bad boy charm
Stuck in the middle
of vampire brothers

Werewolves and witches,
no one ever dies
Grimoires of old spells,
resurrect old ghosts
A stake through the heart,
doesn’t kill, just hurts

Vampire diaries,
kept by a ripper
The love of one girl,
tears kinship apart
And let’s not forget,
swoon-worthy hotties

Inspiration: I’m in the middle of a Vampire Diaries binge session in an effort to catch up on Seasons 3 and 4. The timing of this prompt couldn’t have been more perfect!

– – –

April 18, 2014
Prompt: Write a weather poem

High tide in the clouds,
waves curl and break in the sky
Silence on the ground

Inspiration: I spent almost the entire day outside in the garden. All day gray clouds swirled in the sky and threatened to rain. It was beautiful!

– – –

c.b.w. 2014

What The Snow??


Three days ago I planted my vegetable seeds because it was a perfect spring day – 75 degrees and sunny with a warm breeze. I should have known better because the weather this year has been nothing short of crazy!

Case in point, it actually snowed in the Valley of the Sun. Folks down here are calling it squishy hail or graupel, but it still covered my yard with a light and fluffy blanket of white cold. For those of us in the desert, this was an incredible thing to see!


Snow in the yard!

My rocker usually basks in the sun, but here it is sprinkled in snow!



Not even the weeds can believe it!


A little snow pile!

Within half an hour, the rain came back and erased our rare moment of an actual winter. Perhaps, if I’d found my mittens in time, I could have made a mini-snowman.

– – –

c.b.w. 2013