sunday mornings
paying the bills
doing the laundry
watching the cat
watch the birds
such mundane things
were never part
of my dreams
full of sparkly flash
beyond my means
it’s when time
moves faster
than you imagined
and takes more
than you want to give
that quiet mornings
and cups of coffee
fill the void with
grateful thoughts

– – –

free-verse, c.b.w. 2018


A Quiet Place


In the shade of nature’s nook,

peace of mind is closer than you think

Meditation sings with trickles of wind chimes ,

or the creak of an old wicker bench

There’s always a space for those willing to sit,

but not for those who choose to walk by

Buddha is listening with his eyes closed,

wisdom is felt and seldom seen

Whether or not you believe,

take his advice and just simply be


– – –

c.b.w. 2014




Sinners and saints,
know this place
Renaissance streets,
paved with mistakes
From domes and spires,
peering angels 
See old men’s souls,
and scold the young
Sunset soaked tiles,
hold our secrets
Of time gone by
to this moment
None are immune,
yet can be saved
God’s forgiveness
or lessons learned


– – –

Photo: Florence, Italy, c.b.w. 2005

Words: c.b.w. 2014