April Status Report: 2012 Goals


I can’t believe its time again to reflect on my 2012 goals already!  April slipped by so fast, I’m surprised I got anything accomplished.  This month was full of revisions and editing, which is productive and worthwhile, but very quiet.

Sadly, I have to admit a failure, but I don’t see it as a bad thing.  An unexpected development has forced me to push back a deadline, but I believe it will be for the best in the long run.  Sometimes, it’s all about keeping my eye on the big picture.

1) Submit five pieces of writing to contests, journals, literary magazines, or the newspaper.

I just finished a short story for a small contest and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I’m letting it sit for a little while before I go in and do some final revisions, but I’ll have it submitted before the deadline, (June 10th).  Yay!

2) Finish minor changes in my first novel.

April turned out to be great month for my first novel.  I was able to go in adjust dialogue in three sections, which will help alleviate a problem all four of my beta readers spotted.  In addition, I’m in the process of figuring out where to add a scene I took out during the last revision.  I’ve debated where it should go for a long time and I now have it narrowed down to two places.  I’m hoping to have some time today to make a final decision.

The first 30 pages of my manuscript have also been submitted for a full assessment thanks to the prize I won in the Fourth Writer’s Platform Building Campaign, (See Celebrating a Win).  I’m looking forward to some honest feedback that will help me make further improvements.

3) Work on my second novel.

I didn’t get to work on this project in the traditional sense, but I’ve done a lot of scribbling in my novel notebook. I got stuck trying to create a transition between two sections and I finally figured out what was missing thanks to some late night brainstorming.  However, I still managed to get a bit of a word count.

Starting word count: 50, 831
End word count: 51, 381
Total word count: 550

The story is always on my mind and in the last week, my characters have started to get chatty.  I’m getting snippets of conversations between them and I love what I’m hearing.

4) Send out five query letters and be ready with a synopsis.

This is going to sting a little to write.  In March, I set a deadline to have a query letter sent out by the end of April.  Unfortunately, some unforeseen circumstances have prevented that from happening. The critique I won in the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign allowed me to send my query for an assessment as well.  I haven’t received all the feedback yet, so I’m hesitant to do anything until I receive a full critique.  Based on what I’ve received so far, I believe it will be incredibly helpful and will give me a much stronger chance of landing an agent.

On the bright side, I have plenty of time to participate in Pitchapalooza via the World Literary Café.  The Book Doctors are accepting queries in a little contest all the way until May 15.  The winner’s query will be put in the hands of an agent.   Hence, my new deadline is May 15.  I won’t miss this one!

On the synopsis front, I sent it to a beta reader who gave me some great advice.  I’ve made a few changes and its already looking better!

5) Keep up with my blog.

Again, this hasn’t been a problem!  I’ve slowed down a bit this month in order to maintain my sanity and create more time for other projects, but ultimately, posts have been steady.  In April, I posted a total of 25 times and I appreciate everyone who stopped by to read and comment.  Thank you so much for continuing to follow my journey!

6) Network more with other writers.

April has been another great month in terms of networking.  The more I explore the World Literary Café, the more I love it.  They offer so much in terms of classes, forums, and links.  I’m still exploring and I’m sure I’ll find loads more!  Thanks to WLC, I’ve been able to boost my network considerably.

My Facebook Page has grown from 41 to 110 Likes

On Twitter, my followers have grown from 156 to 211.

Thank you so much to everyone who has clicked those “Like” and “Follow” buttons!  I appreciate all of you so much!

To follow me on either network, please visit my sidebar.

7) Inspire other writers to keep writing.

As always, I hope my presence is positive and inspiring.

– – –

c.b. 2012


Great Links for Writers


While perusing the blogosphere the last few days, I’ve stumbled upon some great links for writers that I just have to share!

One of my favorite bloggers, The Literary Mom, continues to offer up posts with useful information about the writing industry. In particular, she wrote a great piece that explores the pros and cons of hitting the “Publish” button on a blog post. There are consequences to consider on both sides of the spectrum.  Read her thoughts here: Fiction Writers: Why Hitting The Publish Button on a Post Isn’t Always a Good Thing.  While visiting, check out her recent interview with YA author Melanie Card. Both questions and answers are thoughtful and very enlightening.  Read it here.

As I continue to explore ways to build my platform, Darla McDavid, featured a great new place to extend my online presence with her very informative post on a site called About.me.  It takes self-promotion and networking to a new level as it works a bit differently from facebook and twitter.  Social networking can be a bit overwhelming and About.me seems like a nice alternative or simple addition to our already very busy online lives!  Check out her post: Build Your Writer’s Platform with About.me.

The site I’ve been perusing the most over the last week is World Literary Cafe.  I first came across it while playing on Twitter and it has turned out to be a phenomenal source of networking connections.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of all it has to offer, but it essentially brings authors, bloggers, and readers together.  There are pay it forward programs, beta reader match-ups, read/review groups and forums, promotion workshops, features on upcoming books from new writers, and loads of news and events in the writing community.  This network is amazing!

– – –

It seems I can’t even make it a week on my adjusted blog schedule.  Here we are on an “off” day and I can’t stay silent!  Hope you all enjoy the links!

– – –

c.b. 2012