Campaign Challenge #1: The Call


The first challenge for the Fourth Writers’ Platform Building Campaign is up and running!  The games begin with a round of flash fiction that follows these guidelines:

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My muse and I came up with “The Call” for my entry.  Hope you enjoy the read!

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The Call

Shadows crept across the wall as the months passed without a word.  Leaves of summer cast gray silhouettes against faded paint.  Barren branches of winter cut through moonlight and slice through the windowpane. Then, delicate petals arrive in spring and leave gentle imprints on the back of an empty chair.  It’s been more than a year since someone sat in that seat.

Every morning, she wondered if the answer she needed would finally come.  They kept telling her there was nothing she could do, but wait.  So, wait she did with her cup of tea.  She poured another and placed it in the space beside her.  The steam swirled and curled into the air until it eventually disappeared.  Worry lines etched new pathways around her eyes and forehead as the minutes of another day slipped away.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

She stared at the wall and begged for today to be the day.  Any news is better than none after so much time of maddening silence. Her tea grew cold as an early spring sun warmed the afternoon.  Amid the fragrance of orange blossoms in the air, the phone rang and everything faded.

(192 words)

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c.b. 2012


Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign


One of my 2012 goals is to network more with other writers and I have to admit this has caused more than few knots in my stomach.  No one has ever used the phrase “social butterfly” as an adjective to describe me!  However, the small steps I took last month (see January Status Report) has given me a little more courage to step out of my shell.  Thanks to The Literary Mom for spreading the word about The Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.  I’ll be joining her along with hundreds of others for a campaign that involves blogging challenges, connecting with other writers, and expanding my pen name’s online presence.

If you are a writer looking for a both a challenge and a chance to meet other writers, you may want to consider joining in the fun!  The door is open until February 15th.  Hope to see you there!

c.b. 2012