Black Holes & Mischievous Elves


After looking at my stats for the first in months, I’ve decided it’s a good thing that I have a sense of humor. No amount of pretty graphics can hide the fact that my numbers are in a coma.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 3.50.55 PM


There is one silver lining in that I’m still receiving lovely comments and likes which tells me the quality of my posts is not in question, (at least I hope it’s not), so the writer in me can’t help but speculate possible reasons for why my numbers are flatlining.

1. My inner critic is getting back at me for ignoring her for most of the last year or so.

2. The subscription thingy is out of whack.

3. My blog is imaginary.

4. Fate is trying to tell me to focus more on refining Novel #2 and finishing my query package.

5. My counter is either malfunctioning or messing with me.  Or mischievous elves are stealing my hit counts and hiding them.

6. My readers want to read my novel more than my posts and this is their way of forcing me to work harder on getting an agent, (if only . . . . Lol!).

7. The internet is broken.

8. There has been a disturbance in the Force.

9. I accidentally jumped into a parallel universe where I am not a writer.

10. The garden rabbit nibbled on my numbers thinking they were a snack.

11. My computer desperately wants to take a vacation and its purposely hiding my posts so people can’t find them.  It’s hoping I’ll get so discouraged that I’ll stop writing and it can rest.

12. Everybody is at the movies or watching TV, (Hmmm . . . Star Trek: Into Darkness is pretty awesome in IMAX/3D).

13. People are reading actual books instead of firing up the computer (which isn’t totally a bad thing).

14. The universe is collapsing and I’m so busy writing, I haven’t noticed.

15. I accidentally set my blog on private.

16. My stats are stuck in a time warp.

17. I’ve lost my mojo.

18. I was inadvertently mean to someone and I’m being punished, (unlikely, but worth investigating).

19. The gods are trying to teach me a lesson for continually breaking the dress code at work (I won’t stop wearing jeans and Converse sneakers).

20. Solar flares and black holes are acting up again.

My muse and I are both scratching our heads for a way to get out of this funk. Meanwhile, many thanks to readers who stop by each day!!

– – –

c.b. 2013


27 thoughts on “Black Holes & Mischievous Elves

  1. 22. The universe is restructuring itself.

    So much is dysfunctional lately, or got lost…but a whole lot is coming back and restarting, even if it’s in a slightly modified form 😉

    Maria (enermazing)


  2. Ha, ha! I’m betting it’s a combination between Star Trek Into Darkness (sooo good!), those pesky computer elves, and the fine weather (well, at least in my part of the world). It’s definitely not you! : )


  3. I would have to say, ‘none of the above’. I deeply apologize. It’s not about you or your quality of posts. Blame it on life that seems to be taking away so much blogging time! I keep hoping I’ll be able to find the time to read all the blog posts inundating my mailbox, but then something in my life happens that draws me away. I haven’t even had the time to write many blog posts, myself! I’ve never NOT liked anything I’ve read here, so please do not feel insecure about that. 🙂


  4. I agree, stats won’t matter as long as we’re all still coming back! There’s something wrong with the reader though, it doesn’t show me your posts so I have to type the url on my own! It’s terribly frustrating!


    • A few of my readers have said that and I’m looking into what the problem is . . . I might be tagging incorrectly. You can always follow me via e-mail, so you get instant updates of when a new post is up. 🙂


  5. Well, personally I just think it’s spring break or people are getting out into the beautiful weather. Not everybody goes into hibernation in the summer like us Zonies.


  6. Life gets in the way for all of us sometimes CB and that impacts on both blog writing and reading…doesn’t mean nobody likes your blog even when you feel dispirited by the stats.


    • I know – sometimes a writer just has to vent! (and chuckle along the way). I’m way to stubborn and dedicated to writing to let a number get me down. 🙂

      Thanks for following along!


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