My local bookstore is the best place to write mainly because it has great coffee and quiet corners. However, my absolute favorite thing about it is the fact that I’m surrounded by millions upon millions of words.  Recently, I’ve been paying a little more attention to those words and so has my muse. Instead of just looking at book titles and magazine covers, I’m beginning to see poetry from wherever I sit.

Hence, my new little project, “Poeticals.”  I’ve heard of book title poetry in the past, but its only now that I’m truly inspired to try my hand at creating poetry fragments from random words.  Whenever they change the end caps around the coffee cafe, I pull out my pen and start scribbling different combinations until I end up with something interesting.  The only rule is I can’t use a word unless I see it on a book cover.

I am already fascinated by how each set of words comes together in such a magical way.  Never have I been more convinced that inspiration really is everywhere if we are brave enough to see it.

– – –


Clearing shadow
new sight
Indigo quest
human revenge
Hurdles gall
God’s secret


White landscape,
covered mountain
Above wisdom,
focus unguarded
Changed world,
blown brick
Box icons,
behind life


Private harbor
before poison
Lullaby house,
unwanted grave
Jaguar heart,
lion’s game
Beastly night,
war nocturne

– – –

c.b.w. 2012

23 thoughts on “Poeticals

  1. These are really beautiful! It’s easy for words like ‘inspiration is everywhere’ to get buried in cliché but reading your posts always brings these things back to life for me. Thank you so much for your writings!


  2. You definately have something there. I’m going to have to do this! I was trying to think of other places and then I started thinking I was getting too carried away: cereal boxes in the morning, grocery aisles, junk mail, doctor’s office mags.


  3. Cool idea. I’ve done something like this before. Amazing how the phrases fit together. I also think it is a willingness-being relaxed, being in joy-that allows us to recognize inspiration. If we’re hurried or stressed, we often miss all the little pieces that are begging to be used for some type of creativity.


    • The third is my favorite, too. Mainly because it came from a mystery novel end cap. Its a part of the bookstore I normally don’t wander into, but to my surprise it had a poem waiting in its wings.


  4. I love these! I saw something like this done on another blog and was going to try it, but haven’t yet. Your poems might just be the impetus to get me moving on going through my bookshelves and coming up with some poems, myself. 🙂


  5. Denise Higgins

    I too love poetry and find that there are many things we see, hear, smell and observe that will inspire a poem. Writers are masters of observation. I love the poems that you have written here. They are no accident. They sound like they came straight from your soul. Beautiful and inspiring.


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