Project Spirit Journal: Heart


The ultimate key to life is to have a good heart.

Who knew a skunk could be so wise?

Love with all you have and the rest falls into place.

– – –

This is the last page of Project Spirit Journal! I hope these pages have inspired creativity and a positive outlook on life.

Stay inspired!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


23 thoughts on “Project Spirit Journal: Heart

  1. These have been great! Thinking of making a bunch of journals and selling them at an etsy store? Could get some extra cash that way. Goes along with my belief that if it’s worth teaching, it’s worth teaching well. Maybe that goes with everything in life, including naps and telling jokes.


    • I have a friend that makes and sells journals on Etsy. She does really well with it, too! 🙂 I’ve thought about creating a few with my poetry and photographs, but I’ve already go a lot on my plate! 😉


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