Its not what you see, but what you feel.

Even when everything in your rational mind fights to make sense of chaos, it is necessary to let go and simply feel.

That is very essence of Expressionism.

– – –

What does does the image stir inside of you?

– – –

Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VII (Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

– – –

c.b.w. 2014



12 thoughts on “Expressionism

  1. I’m not sure it makes me feel anything, but when I see pieces like this, I try to find something in it. And I have found a rooster on the right side. He’s holding a spoon (facing left). He has a backpack on and a metal military style hat that is red.


  2. That’s specifically abstract expressionism, which is a whole sub-school of the Expressionist school.

    Expressionism is one of my favourite artistic movements, and I believe it has affected how I write. What I write – especially my poetry – does not necessarily ‘make sense’. Take a recent poem of mine, ‘A poem about meeting you’. It starts with the line ‘A bird flew right through me’ (a phrase which comes, as I acknowledge, from another poet’s work), and moves through a set of seemingly unconnected images, all of which accumulate to express the emotional impact upon the ‘voice’ of the poem of an encounter with another person. No phrase or image is presented to be taken absolutely literally; the impact of the emotion expressed may be conveyed to the reader.

    The painting by Kandinsky is a similar case in point. No one is expected to see a rooster with a spoon – or maybe they are! – as Kandinsky is in effect saying this:

    “I am experiencing something that I can’t convey simply by the conventions of representation, so I will convey it like this. In order for something of this experience to reach you, I suggest and request that you suspend your expectation that art should present, or represent, something familiar to the eye. Let my painting convey something different to you. Yes, ‘noise and chaos’ if you wish, perhaps something other than what I intended because interpretation is part of the process of artistic creation…’


    • Expressionism is one of my favorite movements as well. The more abstract, the better. I like to be challenged to feel or experience something beyond my understanding. I also love the concept of the same painting can elicit different responses with each viewing. 🙂


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