Traitor’s monument,
warrior’s last stand
Badge of defiance,
duty’s sacred call
After the gallows,
his plight unfinished
An isle divided,
old grudges remain

Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland (It’s a little tough to see, but look for the tower on the hill)
Photo (2005) and Words (2013) by: c.b.w. 

– – –

c.b.w. 2013


6 thoughts on “Rebellion

  1. I know the monument well. Beside the tower is a smaller, gabled building. Because it could easily be likened to a dog-kennel, locals sometimes call it ‘The Gromit Monument’.

    Don’t get me started on Wallace, though. If I had been around in his day I would have been slaughtered in his indiscriminate programme (pogrom?) of ethnic cleansing.

    In Stirling some twonk set up a statue in the image of ‘Braveheart’. The film of the same name sparked racial abuse and attacks in Scotland against anyone with ‘the wrong accent’. Something we can well do without.


    • Agreed. Ever since Braveheart came out, I’ve often questioned how history is written to create heroes instead of investigating the truth. There’s a fine line between embellishing and sweeping something under the rug, and unfortunately than line is often ignored.


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