A Heck Of A Challenge!


The November Poem A Day Challenge (Poetic Asides via Writers Digest) is off to a  strong start – so far I’ve managed to keep up despite some pretty tough prompts. This week’s Two-For-Tuesday was particularly challenging:

As a haiku poet I had one thing going for me in terms of writing in a particular form, but everything else about this prompt duo had my head spinning. Then, I spotted something on my bookshelf that made everything come into focus: a vintage volume of Shakespeare’s Love Poems and Sonnets that belonged to my grandmother.

Suddenly, it hit me: Combine the sonnet with haiku. I wrote a series of four contemporary 3-line haiku and one 2-line anti-haiku to create a grand total of 14 lines to reflect the traditional number of lines in a sonnet while also being about sonnets. In addition I pulled two lines from Shakespeare’s Sonnet V and reconfigured them into the haiku format in stanza 3.

I love it when a prompt inspires me to do something I never would have considered!

– – –


grandma’s books
unopened since she passed
left to me

she read Shakespeare’s
sonnets each night
her voice sounds …

‘never resting time
leads summer on
to hideous winter’

a pressed fern
marks her favorite
sonnet VIII

the oak leaf
saves mine


– – –

I hope your November is full of writing, whether its NaNoWriMo, the PAD Challenge, or anything else!

– – –

c.b.w. 2017







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