Programming Note


It’s no secret that I’ve been writing like a lunatic lately.  While I love posting something new every day, I am beginning to worry about burning out my muse.  Starting next week, I will be reverting to my previous blog schedule where new posts will show up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Occasional posts may show up on “off” days, but only if I find myself particularly inspired or have something on my mind.  Otherwise, I’ll be using the extra time to focus more energy on my 2012 goals, (my query letter deadline is looming ominously), read other fantastic blogs, (I don’t want to fall behind on this one!), and squeeze in my day job.

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There will be a post tomorrow, but instead of the usual Sunday in London, I’m planning on posting something cute for Easter.  Let’s just say I got a little creative with pompoms, pipe cleaners, and wiggly eyes!  Sundays in London will return next week with new musings and pictures.

Many, many thanks to all my readers and followers for your amazing support.  Every click, comment, and like inspires me to keep writing!

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c.b.w. 2012

35 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. I’m changing my blog situation here too. I added a new one called That way I can separate my western short stories from my cooking 🙂 I’ll keep a watch out for you 🙂


    • I ended up with a few too many things on my plate, which meant nothing was really getting the time it needed. I just realized things needed to be spaced out a little differently. The schedule I had worked well and I’m sure it will again. Gotta take care of that muse, right? 🙂


  2. mcwilfo

    Four times a week is still a lot! I normally do just one, so this A-Z challenge is certainly a change for me. Good luck keeping on track with your goals!


  3. Good plan, C.B. I was thinking this morning about revisiting my writing schedule, though what I need to increase is time in the writing community. I covet the advice, inspiration, and encouragement I find when I am able to interact. So, that’s a Spring goal for me!


    • I spent all last month networking and I love the connections I’ve made. Now its all about making sure I have time to let those relationships grow. Three days off a week, gives me a chance to make meaningful visits to other blogs and play on twitter a bit. 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing you around the community! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out World Literay Cafe – they have excellent opportunities for expanding your network. See my sidebar for the button!


    • And you do a great job on your blog posts! 🙂

      I’ve found blogging to be a great warm-up writing exercise to start each writing session. My muse has been crazy lately and keep throwing ideas at me. I can barely keep up! She and I had a chat and I think I’ve got a system in place now keeps the ideas going and my sanity in one piece! I figure four times a week keeps my writing engine warm without burning it out!


  4. Let the inspiration continue!! Sorry I get a little behind sometimes. I can see where blogging would be considered a full time job-writing, reading, commenting, etc. Glad you’re full of ideas and words. They make for a happy day.


    • I’m surprised at how much time has already freed up. I got so much done in terms of organizing my possible agent list and even had a few moments today to play with a section in my second novel! Fun!

      Blogging has turned out to be such a great outlet, even though it does take a lot of work. I love writing posts and interacting with readers. The community here is just fantastic!


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