Knitting A Cozy Blanket


My journey as a knitter has so far taken me into the realms of socks, hats, and scarves. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t attempt to do anything as big as a blanket. That changed as soon as I paged through the Winter 2012/2013 edition of Knit Simple magazine. About halfway through I came across a simple, yet gorgeous pattern for a cozy afghan.

I made the decision to make my first blanket while in the middle of making a scarf from the same magazine, (see Busy Knitting Needles). Β Seeing as I’m a sucker for texture, I couldn’t resist the combination of a triangle and square pattern and thick, chunky yarn.

From Knit Simple Magazine

From Knit Simple Magazine

While the pattern was beautiful, I hated the color. Pumpkin Orange just isn’t part of my home decor, so I switched up the color to a more earthy tone. In addition, I decided to change the solid color palette into something more interesting – like stripes! God forbid I ever follow a pattern to the letter. My muse just won’t stand for it, no matter the creation.

The yarn I needed runs about $8 a skein, so I had to do a little planning so I could afford the required seven skeins to complete the blanket. Spending $56 to make a blanket just isn’t in the cards while on a teacher’s salary, so I waited and watched the ads until I could get a better price. Patience paid off when a 25% percent off all yarn sale met up with a 25% off your total purchase coupon. Now, that’s a deal! Here’s what I got for the bargain price of $31:

  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky
    • Indigo (2 skeins)
    • Willow (2 skeins)
    • Walnut (2 skeins)
    • Wheat (1 skein)

A little more than three weeks later, I had a beautiful blanket of blues, greens, and browns. I love how the texture and colors come together to give this throw a rustic look and feel.

Warm and Toasty!

Warm and Toasty!

Here’s a closer look at the texture of triangles and squares. Only two stitches – knit and purl – are needed to create this pattern:

Simple, yet gorgeous!

Simple, yet gorgeous!

As for my next project, I’m working on a creative way to use up a bunch of leftover yarn. We’ll see how it goes!

– – –

c.b.w. 2013

18 thoughts on “Knitting A Cozy Blanket

  1. Great blanket! B&N is out of the winter edition of Knit Simple. Seeing your blanket convinced me to order the issue on line. It is really beautiful. You’ve become quite an accomplished knitter. I just got yarn for my first sweater, but I am not starting it until I finish my current sock and scarf projects.


  2. Oh it is gorgeous! Love the colours too! My knitting career was short but sweet. I was going to crochet a bedspread, started looking for patterns, and found one that I loved … but it was knitted. Also textured, the blue parts looked like leaves with little holes in them and the white part was some other kind of pattern with holes too. It’s still back in Sweden. Next time I go there, I must make a point of taking a photo of it. I never knitted again.


      • I hope I find it … I’m not totally sure, I’ve moved so many times. BUT, I’m sure I still have the pattern, so if I don’t find it, I guess I just have to pick up those needles and make it all over again LOL


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