2013 Goals: March Status Report


It was a big month for the first goal I set for 2013. After five months of intense work, revisions are complete on Novel #2! Maybe now the rest of my goals will get some attention!

Special Note: My blog schedule will change during the month of April. Please see notes on Goal #5 for more details!

1) Complete final draft of Novel #2.

Start Word Count: 55,440
End Word Count: 75,808
Total: 20,368

As of three days, ago revisions on Novel #2 are complete! WOO-HOO! I am doubly proud of the fact that I set a personal best word count total for a month’s worth of work. Novel #2 is now in the hands of my beta reader and so far, the response has been great!

2) Work on converting Novel #1 into first person.

I’ve decided to let Novel #1 sit until the summer when I have more time to devote to a total re-write. Part of me still wonders if I should jump into this or just let it go. My muse still pulls me towards Novel #2 and it’s sequel, so it’s become a game of wait and see.

3) Submit 5 pieces of writing.

With revisions complete on Novel #2, I’ll have a lot more time to write entries and research submission opportunities. I plan on using that time!

4) Submit three query letters for Novel #2

Once my beta reader finishes reading Draft 2, I’m going to make a few adjustments and then jump back into my query letter. After spending so much time on revisions, I’m hoping the same gumption will benefit my query draft.

5) Continue building author platform

 Stay tuned to my blog during the month of April for the A to Z Challenge. I will be featuring posts with photography and writing devoted to travel in a series titled, A to Z Abroad.  Essentially, I will be sharing pictures from my global travels and pairing them with historical trivia and creative writing. These posts will start tomorrow, so stay tuned!

As for social media, a busy few weeks at work and a nasty sinus infection meant I didn’t spend as much time as I would have like online. Thank you to my new Facebook followers for giving my numbers a little jump. As for Twitter, I lost a few along the way, but I hope to make up for that in April.

My Facebook Page has grown from 276 Likes to 284

On Twitter, my followers went from 523 to 528

Thanks so much to all my followers. Your support and encouragement means so much!

6)  Read three books on the writing/publishing process.

I’m still (happily) lost in YA urban fantasy. Currently, I am glued to Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Princess. If anything, I am reading like a writer and learning from the best!

7) Inspire others to keep writing.

As always, I can only hope I am a positive presence!

– – –

Happy Easter!! Enjoy those chocolate bunnies and hardboiled eggs!

– – –

c.b.w. 2013