Scribble Diary: Week 3


This week’s Scribble Diary page has me exploring everything from what’s going on inside my brain to creating a tombstone for something in my life.

Scribble Diary: Week 3
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After staying up until 1 a.m. to fold the laundry, I have to say I was really surprised to wake up and find the pile I created on the living room chair was gone. My wonderful husband put everything away and it totally made my day.

My diet is practically non-existent, so I guess I can say its DOA. However, with the weather finally cooling down a bit, I can get out there and do some power walking.  I’m looking forward to being outside and getting my pulse to do more than just thump along. Maybe then I won’t feel as guilty when I grab those peanut butter M&Ms.

The inside of my brain has always been a mess of different thoughts all happening at the same time. It’s a crazy place, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Things really are as mangled and mixed together as I depicted on this page, but somehow I manage to make sense of it all.

Try as I may, drawing a car just isn’t in my skill set, so I went with a cloud vehicle that shows everywhere I went that day.  It just isn’t a complete day without a visit to my favorite bookstore. This is where I write, drink coffee, and hang out with friends. I have a favorite place to sit and everybody knows that’s my table!

Once again, I thank my scribble diary for reminding me life is good and the little things are grand.

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