Inspiration is Waiting


Inspiration is everywhere just waiting for us to notice. There is never a moment where it doesn’t exist as long we choose to see it and do something meaningful.

Sometimes I wonder how many times a day my muse tries to speak, but I’m too busy or distracted to listen. More frightening still, what if I’m lazy or “switched off” for the day? That fear keeps me awake and aware.

– – –

Stay inspired!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012

21 thoughts on “Inspiration is Waiting

  1. These are very inspiring words, C. B. and so true. My muse often keeps me awake at night and I can’t switch her off to get needed rest. This is probably because during the day, I may be busy with other things and don’t have the time to listen to her.


  2. Just to be open and ready. That’s my “work” these days because when I am, the good stuff comes.

    One thing though, CB. Distracted or not, we can’t ever fall into the trap of self-judgment. What comes, comes. Don’t be afraid of what you won’t write. Love the artistry that comes from your hands.



  3. I’ve wondered the same thing. I’ve read recently that inspiration shows up, but you have to show up first at whatever creative project calls to you. Inspiration won’t visit unless you’re already working! I’ve found this to be true with the stopping and starting of my writing. It’s much easier to have the words flow when I’m doing it consistently than when I’m not.


  4. Cindy Archer Photography

    Well you certainly inspired me! I have been in this weird and crazy rut. I haven’t had much inspiration for personal work. But I’ve definitely had the itch. i keep thinking…soon, inspiration will hit me! But the quote is totally right! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!


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