2012 Goals: Year in Review


When I set seven goals back in January 2012, I had no idea just how far I would come and how much would change as I worked through each month. Overall, I consider myself quite successful even though I didn’t achieve every goal with perfection. I learned a few things and realized that sometimes a new direction is needed rather than plodding along on the same path for the sake of reaching a benchmark. For a goal oriented person such as myself, this is a huge leap and I’m glad to have learned how to be a little more flexible with my determination.

December turned out to a month full of distractions beyond my control. My muse opted to stay silent as I dealt with family situations, health issues, and the holiday season. Normally, I would be incredibly frustrated with a quiet muse, but given the circumstances of the last few weeks I decided to take a small break from writing to get my reality back in order. Starting tomorrow, however, that break is officially over as I consider my goals for 2013 and jump back into editing Novel #2.

To recap my 2012 goals, I couldn’t stop myself from creating a little chart much like I did for NaNoWriMo. One side of the chart backtracks to where I was when each goal began and the other side shows where I stand as 2012 comes to a close.

Goal #1: Submit 5 pieces of writing.

2012 Goals Recap

To read my submissions visit the following links:


Blueberry Hunt

The Expanding Pear


Goal #2: Finish minor changes in Novel #1

2012 Goals Recap

Goal #3: Work on Novel #2

2012 Goals Recap

I am so excited to jump back into Novel #2! Within the next week, I’m hoping to send the first five chapters to a beta reader.

Goal #4: Send out 5 query letters.

2012 Goals Recap

World Literary Cafe is a fantastic resource for aspiring writers and people who love to read. I highly recommend it as it is a great to place to hang out with people who love the written word.

Goal #5: Keep up with my blog.

2012 Goals Recap

Thank you so much to my readers! Your visits and comments are an amazing source of motivation and inspiration for me as a writer. Whether it be musings by way of fiction, crafts, or poetry, it’s a good feeling to know people care about what I’m writing!

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Goal #6: Network more with other writers.

2012 Goals Recap

Here’s where post various musings on writing and the creative process:



Goal #7: Inspire others to keep writing.

2012 Goals Recap

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Now, it’s time to start considering goals for 2013! Hmmm . . . I have a lot to ponder.

Happy New Year!

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c.b.w. 2012