Imagine my surprise when I logged in to WordPress and found my most recent post mysteriously disappeared!  Yikes, I thought a ghost swiped my password!  I’m sorry for the confusion and hopefully it won’t happen again.  Something must have gone wrong when I did a quick edit from my Kindle Fire earlier today.  ABC Blog Award is back up and running.  There are some really great nominee links and I hope you check them out, despite my technology flub.

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c.b. 2012


ABC Blog Award


I’m still getting spoiled!  Shortly after accepting two blog awards last week, another one showed up on my doorstep, courtesy of TBN Ranch.  If you haven’t visited this blog, you are missing out on all kinds of fascinating information about ranch life, including chickens, horses, and one really funny donkey!

Artistic – Bibliophile – Creative – Determined – Eccentric – Fangirl – Goody- goody – Happy – Insomniac – Jogger – Kind – Loner – Movie-buff – Nerd – Organized – Poet – Quiet – Reader – Shy – Teacher – Unfinished – Vacationer – Writer – Xerophilous* – Yin/Yang – Zealous

Who’s next?  These blogs are quite awesome and deserve to be recognized:

A Quid for the Quill

Rebekah Loper


Kitty Hietala

Juliet Greenwood

Melissa Maygrove

It’s easy to accept the ABC Award!  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use the alphabet to describe yourself.

2. Pass the award to as many nominees as you see fit and let them know.

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*There’s extra credit for anyone who knows what this word means without having to look it up!

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c.b. 2012