The Autograph Ninja Strikes Again!


As an Autograph Ninja, it’s important to have a pen and something to sign on my person at all times, (see The Autograph Ninja).  So, when I went to see two of my favorite singer/songwriters in concert last week, I took extra care to pack a good marker and a special item to sign.

Marcus Foster has an incredibly soulful voice that soars with his blues infused brand of folk. When I went to London last summer I was hoping to catch him live, but instead had to settle for an EP album that isn’t available in the States.  Imagine my excitement when I found out he was going on a U.S. tour that included a stop in Arizona!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Foster’s opening act turned out to be an artist I’ve had on my iPod for the last year, (and just love!).  Sam Bradley croons with a crystal clear voice, giving his lyrics incredible emotional depth. I only have a few of his songs, but I’m looking forward to many more.

Both Bradley and Foster put an a great show!  Sometimes the best concerts are those where its just a guy and his guitar.  The voice takes center stage and reaches right into the soul.

Sam Bradley (c.b.w. 2012)

Marcus Foster, (c.b.w. 2012)

One of the best things about a small venue is that the artists are often milling about before and after a show.  The Autograph Ninja takes full advantage of these situations by keeping watch on the bar.  I spotted Marcus Foster before his set and managed to get a little one on one time with him.  Before heading backstage, he was kind enough to sign the CD I bought in London.

After the concert, both Marcus and Sam manned the merchandise table.   In between selling CDs and t-shirts, they signed autographs, posed for pictures, and gave hugs. I was one of the first in line to buy new music and get my CDs signed by both.  Marcus took my ninja marker, but I figured he needed it more than I did!  I got my picture with both and received a couple hugs as well.   These guys are so friendly, genuine, and gracious to their fans.  Before I walked away, both were adamant about saying, “thank you.”  I wish them so much luck for future success.

Top Left: Marcus Foster, Right: Sam Bradley, Poster: Marcus Foster

– – –

If you’d like to hear why I love these guys so much click on each name above for direct links to their official sites. In addition, you can visit these links to listen to samples of their music on

Marcus Foster

Sam Bradely

For the record, Foster’s “The Room” and “Movement” are among my favorite of his songs.

– – –

c.b. 2012


18 thoughts on “The Autograph Ninja Strikes Again!

  1. I don’t know much about “famous” people, and I’ve never really wanted to get autographs, but I think that it is cool when someone looks up to, or really enjoys someone else’s art/music/athletic ability, and that “famous” person takes the time to talk with their fans.


  2. Some people are very gracious with fans, I met Doug Williams in London at Wembley. He spent half an hour with four fans talking and joking, pics and autographs. Then with a “really nice to meet” you he headed of for an interview. Others I have met who have been less than at least polite will remain nameless and disliked.



    • I’ve had a few unpleasant experiences as well, but on the whole I’ve been lucky. Most of the people I admire have been so polite, kind, and gracious. Its nice when the person on the stage remains a human being when they step down among the fans. 🙂


  3. I love my autograph collection !! Eventhough I tend to always pay for my stars for autographs. The only time I had a “I found you moment” was with Marty Brown at Fan Fair. I don’t count when my mom rushed me up to Ranger Doug before the show because he told her to wait til afterwards. That was the day Woody Paul sat by me with his people clothes on and at a hot dog while he watched th opening act with me.
    Can you email me the pictures of you and Sam and Marcus? I haven’t seen you in 5 years.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever paid for an autograph! I like to have a memory attached to the signature. To me it reflects a moment where I got connect to someone I admire. I have a few I sent away for, but they signed for free. 🙂

      I look exactly the same. I swear people are starting to think I’m a vampire. 😉


  4. Nick Wilford

    Glad they were so nice! And you’re right, it takes something special to captivate a room with just a voice and a guitar. The only gigs I get to tend to be in massive venues, so never really get the chance for autographs.


    • I’ve been to more than a few big venue concerts, (which are fun), but I really enjoy a smaller setting. Every seat is a good one and everybody is more willing to listen rather than scream!

      I brought a friend with me to this concert and she was blown away by their voices. For me, the best artists are those that sound better live than they do on a CD. Foster and Bradley definitely meet that standard!


    • Okay! 🙂

      I learned how to be gutsy about getting autographs when I was pretty young. The only time I ever got a little shy (and totally star struck) was when I got a chance to meet the cast of The Office, (US version). Still not sure what I said or did. I just hope it wasn’t embarrassing!


  5. Are you at all familiar with the work of The Civil Wars? I listened to a couple of clips on the links you posted, and I have a feeling you might like this duo based on what I heard from the song samples of Marcus and Sam.


  6. Yes. Love those singer and guitar concerts. We went out to the Sundome many years ago and John Denver put on a very long benefit concert. Just him and his guitar. Our seats were pretty good and it was so amazing. He told some amazing stories behind his music. I’ll never forget it.
    No autographs though.


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