Photography Challenge: Love


Capturing something as abstract as emotion can be a difficult feat, but I found the challenge to be invigorating.  As usual, my muse took me on a path I did not expect as she reminded me past efforts can be reinvented into new adventures, while hidden treasure waits to be discovered in the creative soul.

Prompt: Capture a moment of love

For the last seven years, I’ve walked to work almost every morning.  About a block from my house I always remember to look down, so I can see a heart that’s carved into the pavement.  I can’t help but wonder if LH and KH are still together, (the sidewalk is dated 1986).  I hope so.

Photo by: c.b.w.

Prompt: Capture something sensual

No matter how many times I tried to play with this prompt in my surroundings, my mind kept returning to a past shot I took of Rodin’s masterpiece, The Kiss.  I’ve seen more than one version of this sculpture and it always makes me think of the word, “sensual.”  Maybe I’m cheating a bit, but sometimes an older picture deserves to be new again.

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin, (Tate Modern)
Photo by: c.b.w.

Prompt: Capture something hidden.

I had a worse than usual bout with insomnia this week, but it lead to something quite remarkable.  A drawing tablet I’ve had in my closet for at least 10 years wandered onto my table along with a box of crayons.  The girl who never believed she could draw, discovered a hidden love for filling a page with whimsical art.

Photo and Whimsy by c.b.w.

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c.b.w. 2012